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We moved into our Maracay Home 4 1/2 years ago and many problems were never taken care of. We have had the carpet in every room of the house stretched and it was full of ripples and bumps within a few months.

Even though we contacted Maracay within a year of when it was stretched, they said it was our responsibility, even though the ripples and bumps are due to poor installation. We also had an issue with the power going out in my daughters room, so they came out several times in the first year to try to fix. Sometimes it works to go to the electrical box outside and reset, however, sometimes it does not. Customer Services' response was "just go out and reset when it goes out", I said, "I think it is asking a lot of an 8 year old girl to have to go outside and switch her power back on every other day".

Once again, not their problem. They have horrible customer service, I would not recommend buying a home from them.

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Oro Valley, Arizona, United States #797683

We recently signed to purchase a 1.3 acre lot in a new Tucson development taken over by Maracay. We haven't even started construction and we are having issues.

Everything is rush, rush, for us as buyers, but ask for something from Maracay and the answer is no we can't do that, or no that's not available.

When we bought we were shown a grade plan that showed the elevation of the building pad at 2746 feet above sea level, and a pad size of 27K square feet. We thought that would allow us a good view of the Catalina mountains and a nice sized yard. We fought for several weeks to get the final grade plan from Maracay with no results.

We had to go to the city of Marana and the HOA to find out that Maracay was going to remove 311 cubic yards of dirt from our lot, and lowering the final grade by 2 feet. They also were only going to grade 19K square feet of pad and planned on cramming the house as close to the street as possible to cut down on utility and driveway costs. They deliberately withheld that information from us, hoping I'm sure that we would not find out.

When we discovered all this we simply asked for our money back and wanted to be released from our commitment. Maracay has refused.

Now, we are forced to get an attorney and try to fight this in court.

If you plan on buying a Maracay Home, make sure you know what kind of company you're dealing with.

We have purchases 3 new homes before and have never been treated this poorly. Buyer beware!

to azcharlie #797811

We are so sorry you are having challenges with the construction process and procedures. The Maracay management team is happy to continue to work with you personally to resolve your request. Please feel free to contact us at any time.

to MaracayHomes Oro Valley, Arizona, United States #798040

Who can we contact? The sales person?

The only answers we get from them is "no", "no", and "no".....

The lot problem is by far the worst, but only one of many complaints we have with Maracay Homes. Your flex designs are only flexible if we pick one of "your" options. Your plans are designed like railroad cars for the narrowest possible lots. You have exterior designs that are available in one area, but not another.

You have model homes that are fitted with options the buyer can't even get. Your buying process is like Obamacare. You have to sign and pay your deposit before you even find out what you're getting. Overall, you use deceptive tactics to trap a buyer into paying more than he should for this level of home.

Everything is extra, and some of those extras must be paid for before you even start construction.

I apologize for my rant. Maracay Homes has been very successful.

I won't argue with that. But, you'd better wake up and start making some changes to the way you do business, or you will be history.

to azcharlie #798062

A member of the Maracay Homes management team will reach out to you directly on Monday, March 24th to further discuss your concerns regarding the construction process and procedures.

to MaracayHomes #1014716

Bull ***!! Thanks for advance warning. I will be looking for a different builder for my $445K budget goodbye maracay.

to azcharlie Oro Valley, Arizona, United States #842840

curious...similar experience going on right now with same size lot in Marana TV. How can I contact you?

to ZoeCactusKat-129 Tucson, Arizona, United States #846879

EXACTLY same story here. Some size lot, probably the third sucker on this one.

Now $15,000 lighter and they wont return the deposit.

Do not buy Maracay!!! I wish I had the time and heat resistance to picket and let the stream of in-flowing weekend cars know to be on guard.

To start, you have to give them a $15,000 deposit to even find out what your getting, and lest you think your savvy enough to know better, don't be surprised that there will be a final bill or two at the very end of the process. After going over budget a good $190K to even approach the model home. We were met with an additional $22K on a weekend night 10 Pm, after a few months of planning for "extended driveway costs".

Funny how that news came only after the second $8700 non-refundable deposit, on a weekend, a month and a half later.

They will take you for a ride, and your paying the whole time. These are smooth operators, you are likely to get trapped regardless of experience level.

Absolutely require that the deposit be placed in escrow, even then your not likely to get it back.

Expect that your house will be placed on the lot as close as possible to the street minimizing building costs.

Expect that you will have to check the weekly contract revisions with a comb, for you will probably find "accidents" throughout the 30 page document, interior doors may jump from $11K to $19K overnight! Expect that the ever changing contract and options list revisions, and will be fraught with errors, that "cant be fixed right now" because they are left over from the last buyer who was screwed. Maracay's computer is funny that way, it "wont let us take those charges out". But of course if you want to continue and value your deposits, you'll need to sign on the line again and again, continually reinforcing the errors in the options list and contract.

I've tried, and continue the legal rout to recover costs encountered even before a piece of dirt was ever moved.

I expect that will be months, and I'll spend the deposit over again on lawyer fees, so be it, I'm not laying down. I just hope this site grows with other's experiences and we can hope to organize.

to DepositDeception #854671

This is worrisome--what lot # ?


We've just moved in our home 4 months ago and we are having several issues with our home. First the interior paint.

We paid for the two tone paint updgrade-wish we didn't. Every single wall in our home are flashing (diff. sheen) and our ceiling are painted a horrible job. All of our doors are either ding or paint came off at one point and painted over the missing spot.

It's just horrible paint job. Our exterior are painted horribly. If I spray water over my exterior wall, the paint would come off-so very fragile. We can't clean the dirty off our exterior wall afraid paint would be missing.

We paid over 300k for a home we don't even feel like a new home. Its more like a used home. Our cabinets are horrible, worse than used. So very disappointed.

No one care enough to help us in the warranty group. The dry wall are done horribly also. Have them came out to redo are a bit better. Just wish they would stay longer to complete the rest of the house instead of rushing to another job.

Maracay should be responsible for making sure the job is done correctly the first time. Now, we have to pack up again in hope for the painters to come and repaint our entire house. What a nightmare, especially holidays are coming. If this don't get resolve, we are thinking of taking legal action with our neighbors.

They are having the similar issues.

We gave our feedback (survey). Not sure if anyone will contact us to help us.

to port Scottsdale, Arizona, United States #743929

Please contact our main office and ask to talk with Krickett or Shawn and we will address your issues.



I am sorry for the inconvenience you’ve experienced regarding the carpet and electrical concerns as outlined on your recent post.

I am the Maracay Homes Warranty Manager and would like to connect with you directly to address these items.

Please call me at our corporate offices at (480) 970-6000 at your earliest convenience. Thank you – Shawn Hanks, Warranty Manager.

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